Astros Players: Grow Up Or Get Lost

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This story came from today's Houston Chronicle and I just wanted to make a quick comment on it before we headed out for the weekend.

Just in case Bud Selig doesn't know he's a despised figure to the Astros, a few of the players were wearing black T-shirts today expressing their feeling about the commissioner's actions.

"We survived Ike," the back of the shirt read in red lettering atop a drawing of the radar impression of the eye of the storm.

On the front, it read: "Bud killed us," over a drawing of the commissioner.

First things first. The Astros had an outside chance, at best, of getting to the playoffs before the Cubs series. More importantly, for these guys to continue whining about this in such a public fashion, while so many of their fans are without basic human necessities is appalling. It's more than being out of touch. It's being self-centered to an almost pathological degree. Not to mention the good old fashioned disregard for the fact that they were an absolutely crap baseball team for 3/4 the year.

I wish Shawn Chacon had choked all of you.

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I've been shaking my fist at Bud Selig for 15 years but I simply cannot fault him for DOING HIS JOB AND GETTING ACTUAL BASEBALL PLAYED.

I hope they all get struck by lightning while being attacked by pit bulls.

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