Atlanta's 755 Club Now Serving Side Orders of Racism, Sexism

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Well, allegedly. A supervisor and a server at Turner Field's 755 Club restaurant are filing discrimination claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying they were passed over for promotions at the swank, Aramark-run club:

In her complaint, (Johnnie) Anderson, 46, claims she was passed over for a promotion because of her age and because she is black. A manager told her "he wanted to change the look of the club and hire a white male," Anderson wrote in a letter accompanying her complaint. It is addressed to Braves legend Hank Aaron.

Why did she write to Hank Aaron? Because as the news article says, "The 755 Club is named after Hank Aaron's former record for home runs." Oh zing, Atlanta Journal Constitution. Way to knock a man while he's down.

Hey, with eighteen and a half games separating themselves from the playoff race, the 755 Club is the only thing Braves fans have got going for them anymore. Hank Aaron, please put on your investigative hat and your investigative pants and find out what's gone sour in your club. Walkoff Walk will not stand for explicit racism and sexism in the workplace! Although we are about to fire our intern Darren for constantly screwing up our coffee orders. Idiocy will not be tolerated!

(We owe a Diet Coke with Lemon to Matt_T)

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Hank Aaron investigates crime shirtless?


I'm sure Hank will empathize, getting passed over for a promotion (allegedly) is just as bad as facing death threats

It used to irritate me that the Braves declined to name the stadium after the great Henry Aaron. But I've seen the light, now that I know they have indirectly and vaguely honored him with an upscale, Aramark-run concession area. Good on you, Atlanta Braves!

The article fails to mention that Ms. Anderson applied for the position of closer. You can't really fault the Braves for not wanting a 46 year old black female in their bullpen.

Although, it still wouldn't be as stupid as signing Mike Hampton for a gazillion dollars.

I thought this sort of thing only happens in Boston.

Same thing happened in Cleveland. They cut Kaz Tadano right before dollar Sugardale night.

Racism? In my ballclub? It happens more often than you think.

God, Aramark is the absolute scum of the earth. Their business practices seriously must date back to like 1912 -- still haven't been able to resolve a freaking strike that started in January because THEY WON'T COLLECTIVE BARGAIN?! It burns me up that the money I spend going to Fenway lines their pockets.

(ahem) Can one of you help me down from this soapbox I appear to have gotten stuck on?

Collective or collectively bargain?

Also, Aramark is fine with me. The people they hire have been allowing me to get drunk at A's games since I was 16.

Hmm... I feel like I thought "to collective bargain" was the action... "collective bargain" functioning as an entire verb rather than the adverb "collectively" modifying "bargain"... but I dunno :(

The employees of Aramark would collectively bargain with Aramark. I believe the "collective" refers to all the employees coming together to negotiate with Aramark, a singular entity. So they can only participate in collective bargaining.

"they" being Aramark

Aramark needs more Curt Flood.

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