Baseball Before Bedtime: Bones

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Here's what happened in baseball while waiting for the sun to go down:

Braves 5, Rockies 4 (10): Save the shrimp for the jambalaya, gramma. A walkoff balk is nice but it ain't our blog's name. Still, it's nice for the Braves to make waves after such a disappointingly unlucky 2008 season. With runners on second and third in the bottom of the tenth, Rockies reliever Taylor Buchholz balked, sending Kelly Johnson home with the winning run. Taylor, next time intentionally walk the batter to at least give us the hope for a WoW. Thanks.

Mets 10, Nationals 8: Carlos Delgado is doing everything in his power to steal MVP votes from Albert Pujols. Heck, this whole Pujols surgery nonsense may just be a rumor planted by Carlos himself! Fella connected for two ding-dongs and picked up his 103rd RBI. NL MVP may be a stretch but I'm willing to name him Most Valuable Carlos. Eat shit, Beltran. You too, Mencia.

Indians 6, Orioles 1: Hey, remember Travis Hafner? Yeah, me neither. Either way, he's back from his silly stint as a minor league folk hero, all ready to help Cleveland with their push towards a .500 record. Good for him.

Marlins 10, Phillies 8: On Baseball Tonight, John Kruk said that Charlie Manuel should never have let Kyle Kendrick take eight days of rest between starts and that Kendrick got so hammered tonight because his excessive rest prevented him from keeping his slider down. I disagree, Kruk. Here's why: Kyle Kendrick is not a good pitcher and the Marlins have good home run hitters and Citizens Bank Park is a hitter's park. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the guy, after all, he doesn't even get final cut on his own dumb opinions.

Rays 5, Red Sox 4: The Rayspocalypse will not be televised. Except in Boston, where they saw someone named Dan Johnson spoil their garden parties. Kid hit a solo jimmyjack off Jon Papelbon to tie the game in the ninth; a Dioner Navarro RBI double put the Rays ahead, and Troy Percival saved it in the bottom of the inning. This all happened after Jason Bay rewrote his own tribute song with a go-ahead two run ding-dong in the eighth.

Athletics 3, Tigers 2: Emil Brown hit the game-winning sac fly. Neat.

Astros 9, Pirates 3: Forget it Jake, it's Pittsburgh.

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Geoff Baker writes for the MJ-S now, huh?

And Konerko sprained his MCL. I don't know why I leave out the most important details each night.


Pronk Chocolate Bars are people.

Something happened in the AL Central last night too. Something about one team gaining a game and a half on it's rival and pulling within one game of first. I am kind of fuzzy on the details though

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