Baseball Before Bedtime: Cool For Cats

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Here's what happened in baseball as you gave her some old chat:

Padres 10, Brewers 1: It's the little things that keep Ned Yost and his boys feeling good. Sure, they got held to just seven runs in a four-game weekend split with the apathetic Padres, but Gabe Kapler's eighth inning solo tot was worth more than one run today: it broke up Chris Young's perfect game, no-hitter, and shutout. Heck, the only thing he didn't break was Young's nose. That's Pujols' job.

Reds 4, Cubs 3: After a crazy wacky adventure that nearly forced the Cubs to bring broadcaster Ron Santo in as a temp manager, Lupin Ella's team wasthisclose to picking up a game on the Brew Crew and dropping their magic number to 15. Shame, that Kerry Wood's circus of miscues and blown save in the ninth killed that hope. Chicargo has lost seven of eight and is causing folks from Lincoln Park to Logan Square to shit actual bricks. Construction material shortage solved!

Blue Jays 1, Rays 0: David Purcey did not have mercy and the foundering Rays got swept by the upstart Jays. Yes, after eight straight wins, the Blue Jays found third place in a way that nobody thought they would. Remember our third place contest? Twenty-three of you are very happy now.

Red Sox 7, Rangers 2: Paul Byrd threw six and two-thirds scoreless innings. Paul Byrd has four straight wins. Paul Byrd has won eight of nine overall. Paul Byrd got a standing ovation from Arlington fans when departing. Paul Byrd has made the words "pall" and "bird" lose all meaning.

Tigers 7, Twins 5: What can I say about the Twins that wouldn't sound like absolute gloating from a person whose favorite team just fell to fourth place? Nothing. Positively nothing.

Giants 11, Pirates 6: Hey, remember when Jeff Karstens had that one really good game? Yeah, me neither. Giving up ten runs in an inning to a stinky-poo offense will kill off most good feelings that Pirates fans had for their rebuilding team.

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I fear the Tribe may be Up The Junction.

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