Baseball Before Bedtime: Grey Cell Green

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Here's what happened in baseball when your desire has been found:

Rays 7, Yankees 5: Just a solo tater tot in the ninth inning A-Rod? Didn't you realize your team needed a three-run jack? Pfft. Scott Kazmir showed his guile by allowing but one hit (albeit five walks) to the Yanks over six innings. The Rays bullpen withered like a daisy during an atomic blast but the Yanks' five-run ninth came up two runs shy.

Blue Jays 9, Twins 0: Who was worse off last night? The Twins shitty offense against a dominant Jesse Litsch or the silly conventioneers in St. Paul who had to put up with this nonsense? Either/or, I say. The only real winner last night was Travis Snider, who hit his first big league ding-dong. Kudos!

Padres 5, Brewers 2: Holy shit, don't print those playoff tickets yet, Uecker. You could save 0.00025% of a Brazilian rainforest by holding off a few days on that. Shawn T. Estes was dealing sixes and fives when all the Brew Crew wanted were face cards and aces, allowing just 1 run over six innings. Jeff Suppan (who went 5-0 in August) ate dogshit by giving up Will Venable's first major league homer among his five runs allowed in five innings.

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I really like the name "Venable". That is all.

Hi Kris.

I wonder if Daulerio was supposed to do that.

A-Rod is just padding yet another meaningless stat, 9th inning home runs in September. Gosh, what a loser!

Hi mom.

Venable? I think it's Dutch.

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