Baseball Before Bedtime: She Loves Jesus

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Here's what happened in baseball while you traveled through shadows.

Angels 4, Yankees 2: We have our first playoff team of 2008. The Angels clinched the AL West behind 2 RBI from Rob Quinlan and a throwing error from Xavier Nady. Francisco Rodriguez had notched his 56th save, putting him one behind Bobby Thigpen's record. My friend Ryan from third grade has the same birthday as Bobby Thigpen. He told me this while trading cards once in the early 90s.

Mets 13, Nats 10: David Wright funny boned for the 28th time, and the Mets took this slugfest to send Washington out of town in a dustpan. Cristian Guzman had 5 RBI in the losing effort. New York opened up its NL East lead to 3.5 because...

Marlins 7, Phillies 3: ...Ricky Nolasco struck out and 8 and led the Fish to victory. Luis Gonzalez hit a ding dong, giving him an MLB record of 78 consecutive seasons with 8 or more HRs. Brett Myers stunk out the joint.

White Sox 6, Toronto 5: Roy Halladay got touched up for 5 ER in 6 IP and the Blue Jays win streak was snapped at 10. AJ Pierzynski had 3 RBI and Mark "The Barber" Buerhle gave up just one run in 7 IP. The White Sox stayed one game ahead of the Twins, who beat KC 7-1.

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Is that a picture of the guy who got beheaded or the guy who got attacked with a hammer?

It's the guy who fell asleep, missed his stop in Philadelphia, and ended up in Texarkana.

That's Kazuo Fukumori on the bus back to the Majors.

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