Baseball Before Bedtime: Staring at the Sun

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Here's what happened in baseball while you let the loose lips kiss you clean:

Marlins 4, Braves 3: Oh, a pox on your house, Braves reliever Mike Gonzalez! With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game, Gonzalez just couldn't bring himself to throw balls outside the strike zone, instead giving up the game winning sac fly to John Baker the Sac Fly Maker. We coulda had a Three Shrimp Holiday Weekend! Mike Hampton collected his fourth straight quality start but lost his second in a row.

Red Sox 7, Orioles 4: Adam Jones, Kevin Millar and Juan Castro tater-totted off Sox starter Paul Byrd but they were all solo jobs. Heck, Paul Byrd friggin loves solo jobs. He even wrote a book about being addicted to giving himself solo jobs. So those three runs were no big deal; the Sox offense provided him with an ample smattering of runs. And then Byrd finished in his Sox.

Mets 4, Brewers 2: The only person alive who makes the Mets bullpen look competent, Eric Gagne, gave up a game-winning ding-dong to Carlos Delgado in the eighth. If Brewers fans weren't pissed enough after CC Sabathia's non-no-hitter, they should be really ticked off knowing that Ben Sheets left this affair with a tight groin. Hey Ben, Paul Byrd can help you out with that.

Yankees 13, Tigers 9: Thirty hits, twenty-two runs, thirteen walks, four errors, eleven pitchers, twenty-two men left on base, two hundred twenty-six minutes, three hundred ninety-five pitches thrown, and two teams who will be spending their month of October re-staining their backyard decks.

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I go to the Berkshires for the weekend and the Tribe drops a few. I return last night in time to watch the game and they resume their winning ways. Coincidence? I think not.

Sheets actually had a very good start yesterday even up to the time he left. The funny thing is Mota, the old set up man who started collapsing earlier in the season (namely blowing a 5-0 lead in Arizona in the 9th), had a very good 9th inning, including picking off José Reyes (who also got thrown out by Kendall trying to steal third in the first).

Also, two cycles yesterday? Isn't that like 4 in the last month now?

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