Baseball's Tenuous Battle for Important Stuff: 14 Days To Go

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Walkoff Walk in 2008 so that we may bring you short and mildly amusing recaps about games that made a goddamn difference in the race for the postseason. Sorry, Padres fans.

Braves 7, Mets 4: The screenplay for the film version of the 2008 Mets bullpen's story is hackneyed and contains way too many forced twists and turns. Predictability is way better when things always go well, like a silly, sappy Disney cartoon where the princess always outsmarts the villain. The Mets bullpen, however, is like a bad Guy Ritchie movie where a five-run ninth inning outburst by the Braves offense is akin to the antihero getting taken out by an errant bullet. You saw it coming from miles away, so you groan. Luis Ayala was the victim this time, his second blown save as a Met.

Phillies 7, Brewers 3 (game one); Phillies 6. Brewers 1 (game two): So the Phillies picked up a game and a half in the division race and two in the wild card race thanks to winning both halves of a day-night dubbleheader. In the first, Ryan Howard tied it up in the sixth with his 44th tater tot and Pat Burrell got the go-ahead RBI with a single in the eighth. Starter Country Joe Blanton was satisfactorily mediocre once again, and was rewarded after the game with twelve racks of bison ribs. In the second, Burrell ding-donged while Brett Myers twirled a complete game winner in which his only mistake was a Prince Fielder solo tot. Four game sweep: D-U-N done.

Yankees 8, Rays 4: Edwin Jackson couldn't stand the heat and was pushed out of the kitchen by newcomer David Price. Alex Rodriguez' king dong and Jason Giambi's two run tater were enough to hand Jackson his eleventh loss, despite Price making his big-league debut with style and grace. Hey, giving up Derek Jeter's 1269th career hit at The Stadium (a homer that tied Gehrig's record) is a fucking privilege.

Red Sox 4, Blue Jays 3: So the Red Sox pick up a game on the Rays to pull them within one game of the division leader pending a three-game tussle in St. Pete starting tonight. Still, both teams have all but wrapped up playoff dancecards so this is all just parrying for home field advantage. THIS TIME IT COUNTS, RIGHT BUD SELIG? Jon Lester outdueled Roy Halladay while David Ortiz somehow legged out a triple. Good for him.

Orioles 7, Twins 3: The Twins gave up five ding-dongs and were absolutely shut down by rookie starter Radhames Liz. They took two of three from Baltimore, though, and get to face the Indians next, against whom they have compiled a tidy 10-5 record on the year.

Oh and the White Sox won twice, pushing the Twins back 1.5 games.

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That was Chipper's last game at Shea, and of course he went 3-5.

That picture is by far my favorite.

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