Baseball's Tenuous Battle for Important Stuff: 13 Days To Go

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Note: Baseball Before Bedtime will no longer be seen on Walkoff Walk in 2008 so that we may bring you short and mildly amusing recaps about games that made a goddamn difference in the race for the postseason. Sorry, Rockies fans.

Yankees 4, White Sox 2: Mariano Rivera recorded his third save in three days, his 36th save on the year, and his 479th career save, pushing him ahead of Lee Smith for the second most saves all time. YES announcer Michael Kay, upon noticing Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa in the stands at The Stadium, posited that LaRussa's innovations with the closer role in the 1980s effectively "made" Mariano Rivera. No, Mr. Kay. Nobody "made" Mariano Rivera. He was born unto this world by a supernatural power and molded out of titanium and magic. Derek Jeter went hitless, saving his record-breaking performance for tonight, when I will be in attendance.

Indians 3, Twins 1: There will be no movement atop the AL Central standings, as Cleveland's stellar September callup Scott Lewis spun his second gem: 6 IP, 0 R, 3 H, 2 BB, 5 K. Shin-Soo Choo continued his good hitting for the Indians with a two-run tater tot, his seventh in the last 24 games. Justin Morneau went 0-for-4.

Nationals 7, Mets 2: The NY Mets lost a half game in their already teeny lead over the Phils thanks to some good pitchin' by Nat John Lannan and some bad pitchin' by...who else...the Mets bullpen. Lannan allowed but one run over seven strong in which he struck out David Wright and Carlos Delgado twice each. Wright left four gentlemen on base in the contest. Meanwhile, Duaner Sanchez gave up a three-run ding-dong to Elijah Dukes in the seventh, pretty much putting this little dalliance out of reach. New York now leads the East by a mere half game.

Cubs 6, Astros 1: Ted Lilly no-hit the Astros for six innings and hung on to finish the job despite one measly, piddling hit by Mark Loretta in the seventh. Derrek Lee and Geovany Soto each had two-run taters in the sixth. Houston falls back to two and a half behind the idle Phillies and not-so-idle Brewers.

In other news, the Red Sox romped over the Rays to pull into a virtual tie for first while the Diamondbacks won on an Adam Dunn tater to remain 4.5 behind the Dodgers.

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This Mets collapse won't be nearly as satisfying if the Brewers don't win the wildcard.

People here in Philly are apoplectic about the idea of Kyle Kendrick making another start down the stretch for the Phightins. Shouldn't Mets fans feel the same way about Pedro?

Ah, the Indians trying to play spoiler. Brings me back to the good old days when we were out of it by the All Star break. Torborg had to inspire the team by trying to knock out the Yankees. Didn't help.

matt_t: I was down with the Brew Crew until they started whining about being a small market club and not being able to retain their free agents like CC Sabathia.

I'm down with any team not named the Mets or Phillies.

BUT, I'd rather see the Phils over the Mets.

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