Carlos Zambrano Joins Hurricane Ike & Major Leage Baseball in Desecrating the City of Houston

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The Houston Astros home game in front of 24000 visiting team's fans turned from an old fashioned Cubs love-in to a pre-apocalyptic orgy when Carlos Zambrano recorded the final out of his no-hitter tonight at Miller Field in Milwaukee. The Big Z struck out 10, walked one and lived the American dream by hitting Hunter Pence. He got help from league leading double play man Miguel Tejada doing his GIDP thing after the lone walk and faced just one over the minimum. Zambrano out-hit the Astros himself, going 1-3 and scoring a run. Any reservations or concerns that Cecil Cooper had before this game have surely been put to rest after tonight's outcome.

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At Miller Park no less. Go Packers!

/sharpens kni

It's troubling that Fat didn't finish that comment.

For some reason my boss doesn't seem to understand why I look like death today. Perhaps I should've explained it a bit better than just saying, "Big Fucking Z, that's why!"

no hitters??????

don't we have some race relations to talk about?

Q. You know what else desecrates Houston?
A. Literally everything about it.

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