Corey Patterson Watch: Corey's Gallant Return To Leadoff Spot

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Thousands of Reds fans are weeping in their chili-drenched spaghetti right now. Walkoff Walk's favorite whipping boy Corey Patterson returned to the #1 lineup spot for the Redlegs last night, his first time leading off for Cincy since July 29th.

Once the Reds brought up stud rookie Chris Dickerson in August to man left field and lead off, Corey was pushed down to his rightful spot in the seven hole. Contrary to popular opinion, our t-shirt failed to sway Dusty Baker's mind. Instead, it was Dickerson's patience and speed helped him earn the leadoff spot for twenty-one straight games.

Dickerson's got a wonky ankle, so our boy Corey was slotted into the leadoff spot for the thirty-first time this year. The reactions on John Fay's beat blog at the Enquirer were not pretty:

YCityJim: Are you freakin' kiddin' me? A corpse would be better in the leadoff spot.

Calred: No, it won't. A corpse has a chance of walking or getting hit.

cherrybomber: What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Oh Calred, you card. Your joke warms the cockles of my funnybone. Want a Deadspin commenting invite? No? Well I wasn't going to give you one anyway.

Of course, Patterson popped out in his first at-bat of the game but his RBI single in the ninth tied the game for the Reds. Fella went 1-for-5 with an RBI. I still think he has value as a Major League Baseball player; he plays good outfield defense, has good speed as a pinch-runner, and has occasional pop despite his wildly horrid inability to draw a base-on-balls. Heck, if Tony Pena Jr. has a job, why can't Corey?

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Heck, if Tony Pena Jr. has a job, why can't Corey?


Tony Pena Jr. is a fine example why there are anti nepotism rules at most companies.

A corpse actually would stand a better chance of drawing a walk.

Real reason for Corey in the leadoff spot:
Dusty's an avid reader of WalkoffWalk and wanted to keep the Corey Patterson tag alive and well.

GorgeForeman = Calred.

Mystery solved.

That single didn't tie the game, but brought the reds within one run.

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