David Ortiz' Wrist Makes Giant Clicking Sound, Ross Perot Blames NAFTA

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In the Red Sox 7-2 win over the hapless Rangers on Sunday, big bopper David Ortiz hit his first tater tot in twenty games, his longest power outage in quite some time. Yeah, that wrist injury is still killing him and making his once powerful whipping swing quite tentative. He's might still have that clicking problem in his wrist that may be affecting him more mentally than physically. The Boston Globe's Amalie Benjamin got the important Papi quotes:

"Yup, been a while," Ortiz said, of hitting a home run. "I've just had zero luck. Swinging like [expletive]. My hand is not OK. It's still bothering me once in a while, but we're winning so I don't pay attention to it. I keep on trying."

What was the expletive, Ms. Benjamin? This is wildly important information to baseball bloggers! Was it 'shit'? Was it 'hell'? Was it one of those silly non-curse words you hear on "Donna Reed" reruns, like 'fiddlesticks'? The baseballblogosphere wants to know!

More importantly, as Amalie points out, Ortiz has been productive during his mini-power outage. Kid's got just one homer, but ten doubles and eighteen walks for a .899 OPS, which is actually higher than the .876 OPS he recorded during the season's first 70 games. And since the Red Sox trail Texas by just 27 runs in the race to be the highest-scoring team in the American League, nobody in Boston is complaining about Big Papi's wonky wrist. They've got bigger problems to deal with.

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Of all the reasons to hate Boston NKOTB might be the biggest reason of all.

Also, any Yankee fans here that think Aceves might be the next Ian Kennedy?

The click means it's working.

Maybe part of Ortiz' wrist rehab could be slapping around NKOTB.
Five minutes per NK, with five minutes rest between sessions.
What? They can hang tough.

was it a compound swear?

Amelie Benjamin and I grew up across the street from one another.


So, the Red Sox and Papi are Hangin' Tough?

The Sox have the Right Stuff.

the red sox just need to take it step by step. (they'll get you gir-rrrrr-rl)


The curse word was mekrab.

My wife still owns a NKOTB key chain. I'm contemplating divorce.

I am not ashamed to admit that I will be at that concert. See? There's enough room in one's heart (although it appears to still be 13 years old) for baseball AND boy bands.

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