Dodgers Get Svelte for the Playoffs

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bradpenny.jpgAs CTC Sir detailed below, the Dodgers have numerous questions that beg answering before the postseason. Sending Brad Penny to the 60 day DL to create a space on the 40 man roster for Rafael Furcal will at least address the daily "Who ate all the ribs?" query inside the Dodgers clubhouse.

The official word is shoulder soreness which sounds a lot like terrible pitcheritis. Penny's 16-4 record made him a Cy Young candidate last season, but his awful 2008 season (71 ERA+, 1.63 WHIP, 0 rounds with The Milano) and mysterious injuries may cause the Dodger's to decline his $9.25 million dollar club option for next year. Penny himself considers this an indictment of his skills rather than concern for his health, and he will investigate playing winter ball this offseason because he needs to find a job.

It just tells me they were never sold on me, which is fine.
Without Penny, Joe Torre has some decisions to make regarding his rotation. Billingsley, Lowe, and Kuroda sure, but what then? Greg Maddux needs too many bathroom stops to be effective on the road. Clayton Kershaw put together a decent September when you look past his opposition (2x Padres, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Rockies), but he hates the road just as much as Maddux. Always kicking his seat and blasting that Weezy in his Ipod. All Maddux wants is to enjoy the scenery, listen to the Eagles and be left alone.

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Lloyd on a... Friday? Are the boys off writing for HuffPo or WIRED or something?

I'm either an alcoholic or a government worker (or both) so my weekend starts on Wednesday.

CTC has really let himself go.

Weekend tip from Uncle Freetzy: Buy some Pepperidge Farms mint milanos. Great with either milk or bourbon.

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