Don't You Know Who I Am? A Very Important Drunk.

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Here's a fun tidbit from yesterday's Cubs/Reds tilt in Cincinnati. Because hey, most other Cub related things haven't exactly been a picnic over the past couple weeks. It seems that one Chicago fan, Rafael Rosario, may have been taking his favorite squad's recent troubles harder than most. He got cut off at the beer stand and made an unfortunate decision.

According to court records, when a concession employee working the View Level at Great American Ball Park refused to serve alcohol to 26-year-old Rafael Rosario, the Cubs fan asked two more times.

When Cincinnati police asked to see Rosario's ID, he tensed up and claimed he was a federal agent and the officer had no right to see his ID, NewsChannel5 sister station WCPO-TV reported.

Records show Rosario is employed by the Transportation Safety Administration at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Police said he gave them an Illinois state driver's license, not a federal ID. Police noted Rosario, who was wearing a red Cubs shirt and blue Cubs hat, refused to cooperate with officers and had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. Rosario was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and is scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

This explains everything. He's a security checkpoint person at the airport. No wonder he was so loaded. He was probably on his way to work.

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Rosario Dawson really got around yesterday.

Is that picture of Rob?

Don't you know who I am? I'm a sterotypical Cubs fan!

Don't you know who I am? Cause I'm so wasted I forget.

Red eyes, red shirt, blue hat, Cadillac...
The boy's a time bomb.

I had a dream I was a TSA superhero's sidekick.
My name's Rafael; I'm a lesser known douchebag.

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