Drive On Driver: Cubs at Mets

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As always, in these final days of the baseball season, the league is but a collection of a few epically important series. We'll be taking a look at them as they come up. First up, the Cubs travel to Shea for 4 games against the Mets.

We made it clear the other day we were not calling the Mets recent difficulties a "collapse." They haven't really held a formidable lead during this stretch run, and if anything have just been trading punches with the Phillies. Let's also remember that the Phillies had the good fortune to get Milwaukee right as that Red Dwarf was imploding in on itself. So the Cubs come to town while the Mets are, yes, struggling but leading the Wild Card and well within striking distance of the division lead.

For their part, the Cubs have a magic number of 1 to secure homefield for the entire playoffs, and plan on playing a relatively normal lineup for a team cruising into the playoffs. Sweet Lou points not only to the integrity of the wild card chase, but also a basic need to get more looks at players before setting the playoff roster. In any case, it should be one of the most entertaining series of the stretch run.

Your starters:

  • Tonight: J. Marquis vs. J. Niese
  • Tomorrow: R. Harden vs. J. Santana*
  • Wednesday: C. Zambrano vs. O. Perez
  • Thursday: T. Lilly vs. P. Martinez


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David Wright is more Matt Damon than George Clooney.

Ted Lilly is the nebbish computer guy.

Micah Hoffpauir is "Casino Dealer #3"

Jerry Manuel wishes he was Julia Roberts.

Jose Reyes is the fancy French thief who does capoeira in the museum.

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