Dusty Baker Denies Corey Patterson Schtupping His Daughter

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Our favorite Reds beat writer John Fay tells a sordid tale of broken hearts and broken bats, this time involving some sordid rumors about Walkoff Walk whipping boy Corey Patterson and Dusty Baker's 28-year-old daughter, Natosha. Seems that Dusty isn't too happy about these tall tales, and after even Houston Astros players were asking him about it, he took to the mike to let the folks know that this was just a huge barrel of hogwash:

"She hasn't even been to Cincinnati," Baker said. "This is so far out of line. It's hurtful to my wife and daughter. How can people stoop that low? I don't know who started it. But I've been hearing from fans, players, announcers."

"There's been a lot of gossip about me," Baker said. "But this is the worst."

Yikes, even Dusty Baker, who supported Patterson enough to slot him in the leadoff spot for the first few months of the year despite his sub-.300 OBP can't stand the idea that his own daughter would date such a poor hitter. Besides, I'm sure there has been far worse gossip going around about Dusty Baker in the past, like the time the rumor was spread that he was engaged in a sordid threesome with Lauren Conrad and Bat Boy.

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Feel the rain on your skin!
No one else can hit leadoff for you
No one else, no one else
Can pencil his name in at the top

Well, even if they did go on a date, you know he didn't make it to first base, much less score.

Alternately, we all know the only player allowed to pick up one of Dusty's kids is J.T. Snow.

Honeynut wins

Do black people "schtup"? I thought they knocked boots.

So Natosha's dad manages the team and she's throwin' leg with Corey Patterson and she still won't come to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play.

That makes perfect sense actually.

@Gravy - they could offer me all the dead hookers, blow and chili with spaghetti in Cincy and I wouldn't go watch the Reds play.

@ PaleHose

In that order? I think it should go skyline, blow, then dead hookers.

It's also rumored that Dusty Baker's daughter is Dutch.


I thought she was Greek.

Or is that just because she takes it in the ass?

I never ordered a Corey Patterson shirt. Do people that have them like them?

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