East Coast Hunkers Down for Hurricane, Phillies-Mets Series

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Forget football and forget the MARNA Indoor Nudist Swim, the two biggest things that are happening this weekend on the East Coast are Hurricane Hanna and the Phillies-Mets series. What's the common denominator? Both events feature a lot of bluster and the possibility of destruction for structures built on poor foundations.

Okay, that's unfair, the Mets bullpen has actually been performing quite well lately. They've not given up a run in its last fifteen innings and haven't even blown a game in almost a whole week! Heck, the team is 21-9 since Billy Wagner went on the disabled list. I'm not implying that Wagner was the cancer in the Mets bullpen all along, but what if he wa....oh screw it, I am totally implying that Wagner was the cancer in the Mets bullpen all along. But hey, Billy might be back on Tuesday so the Mets better get their punches in this weekend.

Your pitching matchups this weekend:

    Friday: Brett Myers vs Mike Pelfrey
    Saturday: Jamie Moyer vs Pedro Martinez (FOX)
    Sunday: Cole Hamels vs Johan Santana (ESPN)

Oh man, this thing is SO on. It's cheesesteaks versus empanadas, South Philly versus Queens, asshole fans versus asshole fans, Manuel versus Tranuel. Hope nobody loses power this weekend, because your television sets are gonna need some of that electricity to work. Stock up on flashlight batteries, buy some cans of pinto beans, and board up your windows. Unless the Mets sweep the Phillies, this thing won't even be over on Monday.

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forget the MARNA Indoor Nudist Swim

If only I could.


Why don't we combine the two. A hurricane hitting the series would be much more entertaining.

The Sunday matchup looks nice. The Saturday matchup looks... geriatric.

I used to love going to the nude beach at Sandy Hook until an ugly incident involving booze, drugs, a volleyball match and some incredibly painful sunburn.

you're telling me it's in the trees, in the trees
it's not, it's inside me
you're telling me it's on the ground, all around
it's not, it's inside me

No, I didn't comment in the wrong post.
I just can't get that damn song out of my head.

Hurricane Hanna aint shit!!


PS: you haven't seen nothin' yet!!

Hurricane Hanna aint shit!!


ps: You haven't seen nothin' yet!!

So stupid, he said it twice!


been away for weeks....come back and experience technical difficulties....and then i'm reminded why i've been away

thanks Camp Suck My Claw

Ok, Camp Suck My Claw was pretty funny.

As a Philly resident and a resident Phillies fan, you should all know that 63% of this city has already said the Phillies are dead in the water, and the other 37% is tailgating at the Linc right now.

I hold out hope, however. I am also an idiot.

no alcohol and no adult oriented activities

Then what, if I may ask, the fuck is the point of a nude swim?

32% of Wahoo's comments reference nudity. I will not judge you, good sir.

@Future - how do you even get the people naked without alcohol?

My favorite part of the MARNA post:
"But, please, no glass containers."

Chipper Iscariot

@ Chipper

How "dead in the water"? Haitian-like dead?

what? too soon?

-Hurricane Hanna




100% of my website features nudity and can be yours for 9.95/month. Well worth it for pics of me in nothing but a Sizemore jersey.

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