Eddie Vedder and Nils Lofgren Salute Baseball With Guitars, Yearning

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Baseball and rock music go together like cinnamon and applesauce. They're both so American and so goddamn entertaining, and despite the existence of Nickelback and the Washington Nationals, the best will always outshine the rest.

That's why two of our greatest rock musicians have taken the time to pen some new tunes about the sport we love. First, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder wrote a song about the Chicago Cubs at the request of Cubs legend Ernie Banks:

The track features lines like "Our heroes wear pinstripes / pinstripes in blue / give us a chance to feel like heroes too." It was recorded last month during Cubs fan Vedder's solo concert at Auditorium Theatre, according to Billboard.com.

The tune is called "Someday We'll Go All the Way", and Mouthpiece Sports has an actual clip. I heard that the B-side of this 45 is gonna have that old Pearl Jam ditty "Greg Maddux Behind a Counter in a Small Town".

Super awesome guitarist and singer Nils Lofgren is also getting on the baseball tribute song train, penning a tune about the soon-to-be-turned-into-a-parking-lot Yankee Stadium. It's available as a free MP3 download on Nils' homepage:

Hello everyone. Nils Lofgren here. I wanted to give you some history on this new song, "Yankee Stadium."

My fabulous wife Amy (a Jersey girl), remains a life-long Yankee fan with a great, emotional history of experience in Yankee Stadium from childhood to present. Her concept and the song's chorus; "everyone is beautiful in Yankee Stadium," was born from those memories and experiences. She's been asking me to write this song for a while and here it is.

Eek, Nils, I love Yankee Stadium and all, but having sat in the upper deck once or twice, I can assure you: not everyone is beautiful in that dump.

Also, not every song about baseball is good.

(Thanks to BBTF, to whom we now owe an entire Coca-Cola distributorship)

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I think what Nils is trying to say is that his wife gave Mickey Mantle a hummer under the bleachers.

Wait, Pearl Jam has lyrics? I thought all of them were Even Flow summadrummaraaaaaaaarjdjrlajjjzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa

(that works better when I do the voice, its a real laff riot)

I think he's their relief pitcher who played football for Notre Dame.

Nothing goes together like Omar Vizquel and GooGoo Dolls. BRAHDWAY IS DAHRK TONIGH

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