Falling Stars: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:05, A's at Rangers: No liveglog today.


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Fartie will be sad.
Won't you think of the children?

Would you want to live glog that shit?

Especially since the Rangers will win 9-4.

2:05pm Midday Texas heat. Everybody is sweaty.
5:05pm Texas 7, Oaklnd 5

That gnome is gayer than a picnic basket.

You forgot:

3:37PM - Daric Barton makes a critical baserunning error and attempts to run from first to third by crossing the mound. Inning over, 6-3 Texans lead.

My "friend" once got drunk and took advantage of that Gnome.

@MISTER .400
Daric Barton's baserunning mishap will be due solely to a CAKE WRECK!!!!

It wasn't rape, the Gnome was asking for it.

He isn't asking for it; he's just trying to put some color in his cheeks.

I'll liveglog it. ANd by "liveglog" I mean "post the score every now and then."

Nothin'-nothin', bottom 2.

Bend over to the front
touch your toes
bounce that ass up and down
and get low.

It wasn't rape, the Gnome was asking for it.

Gnome means Gnome!

1-0 A's, top of 4.

Thanks for the updazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5-2 Texas, Top of the 6.

Hey, look at that. Chipper's score and time prediction was pretty freaking close.

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