Fredi Gonzalez' Weekend Plans: Shop at Farmers Market, Ruin Mets Season

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Second year Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez knows his role. Perhaps he's being paid a sizable allowance by Phillies and Brewers ownership for what he's about to undertake this weekend, but we're not in a position to toss accusations around like that. A year after his last place Florida team won two out of three games over the final weekend of the season against a collapsing Mets team, he's ready to do it all again:

"We're going to jump from the frying pan right into the fire and be in a significant series - 'spoiler' or whatever you want to call it," Gonzalez said Wednesday before the Marlins played the Washington Nationals.

In explaining why he was putting some young Marlins prospects in the lineup Wednesday against Washington, Gonzalez noted that, "If everything stays the same, we're getting ready to go play a real significant series in New York."

That's right, just a few days after being eliminated from the playoff race and putting in his September call-ups to futz around with the lowly Nationals, Fredi is penciling in his powerful and cost-effective starters to face the Mets on yet another crucial final weekend.

And yes, we are on the verge of converting to a 24-hour Mets counter-fandom blog.

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freety ranks the spoilers:

1. Rancid mayonnaise
2. Fredi Gonzalez
3. This thing
4. That chick in The Crying Game was actually a dude.

We're going to jump from the frying pan right into the fire

So you carmelize the marlin, then you grill it? I've never had it before, but it sounds delicious.

The Dodgers are the looks, the Cubs are the muscle, the Phillies are the brain and the Brewers the wildcard.

Wait a minute, how is playing the nationals being "in the frying pan?" Playing the nationals is more like riding shotgun on the ice cream truck.

"....converting to a 24-hour Mets counter-fandom blog."

Also, isn't that every blog on the internet without an IP in Queens?

@freetzy: I think that's a Colorado plate on that car. That may be my old high school.

@matt: Somebody cut the brakes!

Wildcard, bitches!

Just when I thought the Marlins were off the hook for October!

The Mets are gonna get schooled.

Sounds like things are going pretty swimmingly down there.

Can anything tip the scales in New York's favor?

Hopefully nothing.

The Mets have a whale of a series on their hands, that Marlins rotation is stacked to the gills.

All of Queens waits with baited breath.

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