From A Gas Station Outside Providence: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:05, Cubs and Astros at Miller Park: I think we've thoroughly covered last night's game don't you? Today's game will be the last Wisconsin based make up, and the third game of the series is being put on hold to be played only if the standings require it. Ted Lilly makes the start for Chicago against Brian Moehler who I swear I've written about 67 times on this site. If any of us cared (writers or readers) I'd go back and look it up. But who are we kidding? We're too busy picking the stromboli out of our teeth from lunch.

    The Astros error yesterday was only their 62 of the year. That's 13 better than the 2nd best fielding team, the Mets.

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Who's Stromboli?

Who's Londale? Who's Troc?

Not sure, but I think he's related to Calzone

Okay, seriously... the Cubs pitchers have both had more hits than the Astros thru the last 15 innings.

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