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liveglog.jpgIt's a special Liveglog Wednesday. DJ Robbie I will be on the left and right mouse buttons spinning a very special Liveglog Mashup for all of you. Starting at 3 he's gonna be taking a spin around his XM dial bringing you live game action and jokes from all over baseball. Take your Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club Blazer off. Wave it 'round your head like a helicopter.

  • 1:05, A's at Tigers: Armando Gallaraga takes the hill for Detroit. Yahoo deftly points out that he has become the lone bright spot on the team. That is sad. Well not really. Eat shit, Leyland. The A's trot out Sean Gallagher, destined to spend the rest of his career as the guy that got traded for Rich Harden, now that Harden has found away to quintuple his productivity by only getting injured once a year.

  • 2:05, Reds at Brewers: The NL Central is collapsing from the top down and it's making for some compelling baseball watching. We'll discuss this more later, but today Bronson Arroyo takes on CC Sabathia. Huge game for Milwaukee.

  • 3:35, Snakes at Giants: Our afternoon is also graced with one of the teams trapped in that NL West struggle. Throw out the records and you have yourself a good old fashioned (insert cliche). The Giants have one hand on the broom closet. 2008: Year Of the Spoiler.

  • 3:35, Yankees at Angels: Rubber in Anaheim as the Angels' magic number remains at two. Andy Pettite takes on Dustin Moseley. I'm more concerned with whether or not this poet shows up again.

  • 4:05, Marlins at Phillies: Stacks of rubber at CBP and puddles of puke in the lot. Ricky Nolasco, he of the stellar season and Brett Myers, he of everyone hating him, will duel as the now 2.5 game back Phils look to stay tight. Myers was solid in his last start saying "I always knew I could do it." But no one wanted you to.

  • 4:40, Texas at Seattle:

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I wonder if my wife will understand when I show up to the next cocktail party and my blazer suddenly has a shrimp logo on it?
Tell me that wouldn't be the greatest conversation starter ever.

Especially if there's shrimp cocktail and you scream and knock it out of people's hands when they try and eat it.

How often to you go to coctail parties where you would wear a blazer?


PaleHos live in 1928.

I had a pair of tix to today's Phillies affair, but sadly, my client bailed and I had to give them up. Sigh. GUess I'll have t settle for DJ RI and Paul Oakenclaw on the wheels of steel.

@BC - Often enough, actually. And, with my wife pregnant, I have a built in designated driver. Life is good.

@CTC - I can't wait to do that.

I want one of those dogs.

Being a Padres fan, I wore my Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club Blazer to the Friars Club, but the Flying Sandos brothers used it in their act and never gave it back.

Matt, just get a regular dog and feed it tons of Ambien-laced puppy chow.

I can't wait to knock up my Fiance so I can have a full time DD. My buddy has got one now, they came over on Monday night to watch football and he got plowed and didn't have to worry about it. That will be nice. I got plowed too but I was already at home so all was well.

BC, just feed her tons of Ambien-laced puppy chow.

How do you think I got her to say YES

A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean.

+100, Mr. Gravy.

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