Get Your Beans Out My Locker: Teammate Race Relations With Ozzie Guillen

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Race Relations Thursday rolls on here at Walkoff Walk. And what would a discussion of sensitivity and amalgamation be without some input from political correctness mastermind, Ozzie Guillen? Bubkus, that's what. So hot off the pages of the Sporting News, I give you Ozzie's inside take on the racial dynamic of a modern MLB clubhouse.

SN: Is there a cultural divide between Latino players and American players that is harmful in some way?

GUILLEN: You don't pick your teammates. You will see the Latinos here, the Asians here, the white guys here, the African American guys here. That's normal. I don't expect (Juan) Uribe and (Paul) Konerko to go and have dinner. ... I think Latinos are more loud than anybody else. Sometimes the American guys are like, "Shut the (expletive) up, we'll kick you out." But I've never seen any racist problems since I've been here, never seen any player say they were offended by somebody.

I know the White Sox have a lot of older ballplayers on their roster but I didn't know Don Rickles was one of them. "Hey hockey puck, if you're so Spanish how come you aren't from Spain?" I'm sure if someone was offended they'd go straight to Ozzie and tell him about it. That faggot sure knows from offensive dialogue!

In all seriousness, the interview is a great read and vintage Ozzie. I especially enjoy his Libertarian take on immigration and look forward to seeing it pop up in the presidential debates.

I'm a citizen of the best country of the world, but I didn't want to lose my citizenship in Venezuela. It turns out you don't lose your citizenship when you are an American citizen. ... It took a long time, maybe three years, for my wife to convince me to start applying for the papers. I say if the United States want Ozzie Guillen, they should give me the (expletive) passport without papers because I pay my taxes, don't do any illegal things, I was clean, I invest lot of money in this country, I spend a lot, I make a lot of people happy.

You sure do, Ozzie. You sure do.

(Coke oweage: BBTF)

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Rickles is still the funniest man alive, even funnier than Ozzie

In REAL news: The Cubs beat the Cardinals last night 4-3.

And Ted Lilly KO'ed Yadier Molina in the 7th inning.

OH...and the Tampa Bay Dev...i mean...Rays beat the Red Sox 4-2 in 14 innings!!!

[Trying to turn this back into a sports blog instead of a gossip column]

C'MON guys!!

I don't expect (Juan) Uribe and (Paul) Konerko to go and have dinner

Why not? Stuff White People Like: Authentic Ethnic Food.


How the fuck do you keep getting in here? What is wrong with our ban function?

I like baseball gossip columns so fuck you

I am sorry. I mean (expletive) you.

Grunter is obviously Irish because he is dumb as shit.

Race Relations Thursday!

I'm confused by what is happening here, but as long as that home plate collision has to be referenced...

Maybe it's because I'm getting old and my tolerance for violence is generally eroding, but I think home plate collisions are fucking stupid. Specifically, it's stupid that the rules allow/encourage them.

He is a Cubs fan so he is at least 3/4 D-bag


Walkoff Walk
In which Rob Iracane and Camp Tiger Claw discuss the present state of baseball and the HUMAN CONDITION

just making an observation about how walkoffwalk has decided not to cover anything that is relevant today

Rob is a Cards fan therefore let's not mention how they lost to the cubs last night

Kristopher is a red sox fan* therefore let's not mention how the red sox lost the game last night in the 14th inning (and probably the division)

*well Kris or Cool Tranny Cunt (CTC for short) is also a racist, so I see where the "Race Relation Thursday" articles are somewhat relevant....but not really

@ Gravy

"The Present State of Baseball" comes before the "Human Condition"

Rob is a Cards fan???

@ Grunter - not alphabetically.

Ozzie helped get Mariotti kicked to the curb. For that we all owe the man an enormous amount of gratitude.

The cubs won for the second time in their last 52* games and this guy is bitching that there isn't more praise given the them by a couple of guys who write a blog and are fans of AL teams

*Didn't look this up.

Eat shit, Grunter. I'm about as big of a Cardinals fan as I am a fan of your mom's shitty broccoli and peanut casserole.

@ bc powder

Then how do you explain no coverage for the AL East game of the year last night? It was almost 2 games.

WTF does that mean?

@ Ichabod Crane

I slept with your wife!*

*she's in a coma

@ bc

Tampa...Boston...14 innings...AL East Division on the line

What month is it?

I mean the powder

bc powder = a play on words

Alright fuckface. I have a great website for you.

Check out the box scores, you'll love em.

Back to baseball...

Pitchers and Catchers report February 20th, 2009.

Well, only the white ones 'cause it's Black History Month.

Wow, race relations breaking down. It sounds like a very special Donahue in here.

@ Rob

My apologies for calling (and thinking) you were a Cards fan. I had you mixed up with that successful blogger from deadspin. My mistake.

...and now it's turning into Springer.

@ BC: Hey, not all Cubs fans are 3/4 d-bags. I happen to be a Cubs fan and I'm only 2/5 d-bag!


That's the whole thing, ofcourse. The United States does NOT want Ozzie Guillen. Most of the United States would be delighted if Ozzie would just go back to Venezuela and make a career out of calling Hugo Chavez a faggot.

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