Gin: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 1:10, Royals at Twins:Last night, Minnesota stayed just a game back in the Central. A remarkable feat considering the tumult of the past month or so. Brandon Duckworth gets the start for KC and Francisco Liriano goes for the Identicals. Since his return on August 3, Liriano has allowed just 10 ER in 43 innings. He's conquered the wildness that plagued him in his first big league stint this season, and has surrendered just 2 walks in his last 20 IP. Alexei Cassila has gotten his swing back slapping 8 hits in the past 4 games. The maligned bullpen has pitched 4 scoreless innings in the series. Things could get tough again when they head out on another 10 game road trip after today.

    As for the Royals, well I think the last line of today's titular poem sums things up mighty well for their fans.

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Haha, "tit"ular.

Was it bathtub gin?

No liveglogs today? Will I have to amuse myself during the game?

Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club! Check the patch on your blazer.

Wait, it's Thursday already?! Damn, I need to get me a calendar.

I would agree if the last line were "Not. Strong. Enough."

Manny should do the Twins a solid and slam their travel secretary.

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