Holy Mountains

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sweepingbaby.jpgThe Sun! The Sun! The hurricanes have subsided for a day or two. Why not join me on the happiest beach on earth? You could stay home and enjoy a myriad of days games instead.

Sweep up the Storm Surge Debris: Who said athletes don't get involved in community projects? The Jays, White Sox, and Dodgers would all love to lend a helping hand. The A's are also available to assist on their super-strange Sunday off. Two games sweeps don't count otherwise.

Fun in Teh Sunz: Last year Aaron Harang was 16-6. A lose today and he'll be hard-pressed to finish 6-16. The Cubs sudden interest in palindromes surely has nothing to do with their playoffs. Chris Young and Manny Parra makes for an intriguing if unsexy match up in Milwaukee. Can Cliff Lee cement his Cy Young status with his 21st win? Not if OG (Original Grienke) has anything to say about it!

The West Coast Scoffs at your Inclement Weather: All anybody west of the Rockies needs are some tasty waves, cool buds and theyre fine. Not fine: getaway day in Texas. The Red Sox look to avoid melting ahead of their big time tilt with the Rays. Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer offer a glimpse inside the future of the NL West. Mike Mussina doesn't need a 20 win season to prove his worth to Cooperstown, but the BBWAA sure likes to see that sort of crap.

Hit the Big Time: The Phillies and Mets are so famous, they are going to play two games today! Just like at your local Dennys, they're letting the old people for first before clearing the place out to prepare for the night rush. Pedro and Jamie Moyer? Expect hot hip-breaking action. Cole Hamels and Johan Santana? Expect everything you like about baseball, minus the hyperbole.

Lots to like this afternoon. I'm off to watch Matt Garza slap the Jays around for the 13th time this year. Rocco is starting, I'm smiling. The Bosses will be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming.

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Brewers' pitching one weakness: the big inning.

5 runs in one inning, only one earned though so Parra's ERA isn't hurt THAT bad.

Correction, none earned.

I can't watch this anymore. Perfect game for the padres through 5.

Chris Young is perfect through 7 now.

7 2/3 Perfect before Kapler homers.

Gabe Kaplar: homerun hitter, hero, thespian.

Carlos Delgado is pretty great.

Gabe Kaplar: homerun hitter, hero, thespian.

Don't forget swimsuit model (don't click this link at work)


At least steroids are gone from baseball.

By the way, since the A's didn't play, I watched football today. Anyone else hear Brady is dunzo for the year?

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