Hop On Pop: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 3:05 Padres at Rockies:

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    Rob has decided not to Liveglog this game today because it is so lousy. To make it up to all of you, tomorrow he's gonna do another Liveglog Mashup, frantically chronicling all 4 afternoon games. That was fun last time. So adjust your calendars accordingly, and don't worry about rushing to pick up your blazer at the drycleaners.

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Blech. Here, I'll do the liveglog right now:

4th inning: 1 in on a Khalil Greene single. 1-0, Padres.

7th inning: Let us pray.

8th inning: Matt Holliday drives one up the middle; 2 score on a Khalil Greene error. 2-1, Rockies.

Final score: 2-1, Rockies.

If that really happens, you get to keep the gnome.

Tell Bob Costas to pull his pants up.

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