How Could You Not: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:05, Blue Jays at White Sox: Due to last night's rain out (refunds available from Jerry Reinsdorf's proctologist) these two boffo squads will play two games today. The first falls squarely in our afternoon game wheelhouse. AJ Burnett faces off against the mercurial Javy Vasquez. Actually, he's easy to predict. He looks good against bad offenses and bad against good ones. Pretty simple. The Jays have won 8 in a row scoring an average of 6 runs a game in those contests. Could be a tough day for Vasquez. In two pieces of positive Sox news, Paul Konerko has homered in three straight and Paul Konerko is still alive.

    And hey, Weekend Sommelier Lloyd be gloggin' it at Ghostrunner On First. Please to enjoy.

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Lloyd should simulglog it here.

I'll summarize: the two up and down pitchers look good for far. Literally nothing's happened.

I've not heard of 37% of the people referenced in Lloyd's liveglog, yet I still find it enjoyable. You should all aspire to my level of cultural tolerance.

A true man of the people. Canadian people.

"Literally nothing's happened."

Maybe they should switch to three downs and a bigger end zone to increase scoring.

This game is 3 clouds of dust and a punt, NFL style.

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