Hurricane Ike Bears Down On Texas

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In our world that means the Cubs/Astros series is in jeopardy. In the real world it means that a very scary and powerful storm is going to make landfall on the Texas coast, and have repercussions for a huge area around it.

Our thoughts go out to anyone about to be affected by this.

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It keeps on rollin
rollin like a river

What no link to to a video of "Rock Me Like A Hurricane" by the Scorpions?

/seriously though I have friends in Houston

I hope it doesn't wind up beating the shit out of everybody's wives...

All that stinking hurricane is doing here in the midwest is making it rain like crazy, and that's already annoying enough. I would not want to be on the coast right now.

a hurricane's aftermath makes for great sandlot baseball.

If only the Cubs and Astros can agree to make first base the fallen light pole or the front end of the '79 Grand Marquee that got dropped right next it....

Thank you for your thoughts, CTC. It certainly will be affecting my weekend. The Sunday game is supposed to be on WGN, and I was gonna flip back and forth from the football games.

Altho... if MLB decides to move the series to The Lou, I might drive my happy ass over there and yell pleasant things at Geovany Soto! Woohoo!

"Damnit, Tina! Look what you made me do!"

Hunker down, y'all.

Will Hurricane Ike apologize profusely and beg the City of Houston to take it back after smacking the shit of her?

Or will he treat it like the Houston 600 and leave after dumping his load?

The only Ike that matters:

I once wrote him requesting a piece of the original shroud of turin he claimed to have, got back a badly spelled letter and two pieces of green yarn. Love this guy.

"Be what you want to be, do what you want to do, have what you want to have."

Didn't Hammer use these lyrics when he wrote that Addams Family song?

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