Tony Pena Is Not Pena-tention

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Our friend Geoff Baker helped pile on the Yankees this morning with some interesting Mariners clubhouse info. Whilst pointing out A-Rod's struggles visiting Seattle this season, he pointed out the the pickoff play that snared both A-Rod and Jeter yesterday. But the rub here is actually that the play wasn't entirely Rodriguez's fault. A stunning admission from a media member. To wit, it was Tona Pena's fault. No surprise there.

The low point for A-Rod came in the third inning when first baseman Bryan LaHair sneaked in behind him, and Ryan Feierabend fired over a pickoff throw to catch Rodriguez off base. Rodriguez got in a rundown, and eventually Derek Jeter, the runner on second, had to commit to third, and thrown out to end the threat.

It was a nifty play, one that Feierabend and LaHair have perfected over the years in the minor leagues. Feierabend called it a "backdoor pick" and said the key is not an inattentive runner, but an inattentive first-base coach.

"If you have a coach at first base not paying attention and more worried about the hitter, you're going to catch a lot of guys at first base,'' Feierabend said.

For the record, the Yankees' first-base coach is Tony Pena, former KC Royals manager.

Poor Tony. Seems like a nice guy, but was an overrated ballplayer for most of his career, flash in the pan manager and now, a liability as first base coach. At least he can always hang his hat on the fact that he raised a successful major league ballplayer as a son. And that's the ultimate coaching job. OPS + is like a golf score right?

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So the final nails in the coffin for the 2008 Yanks were hammered by two cockknockers named Morrow and Firebrand? Weren't they the ones who brought down the Nixon administration too?

What are you, crazy? Why are you so crazy? It was A-Rod's fault. Everything is A-Rod's fault, including global warming (he has hot sex with big pieces of ice other than his wife). A-Rod is the suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked.

I hear Tony Pena coaches 1st base with his right leg awkwardly stuck straight out to the side.

Snaring A-rod and Jeter on the same play is every gold digger's dream

Dreaming up backdoor picks in the minor leagues? Long, lonely bus rides make for strange bedfellows.

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