Investigation Into Who Leaked George Brett Tape About Leaking

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Remember when we posted that video of George Brett talking about diarrhea? That was funny, huh? Yeah I thought so too. Haha. Poop.

Oh wait, there's news about it?

Well look at that. Time Warner is trying to find out who the prankster is that let this outtake escape from the bowels of their video library.

Porter told us that the original footage was shot for Metro Sports as part of some typical spring-training coverage in which players or coaches are miked up for future programs. Brett serves as a Royals instructor during spring training.

But Porter said the particular footage that found its way to YouTube was never meant to be aired.

"It was never shown by us, and it shouldn't have been shown anywhere," he said. "For that, we apologize. We apologize to George Brett and to the Royals."

Porter said he is not sure how the footage got out of the Metro Sports archives.

"The matter is still under investigation by us," Porter said. "We are still trying to determine the person or persons responsible.

Didn't they watch the tape? We know who's responsible. It's the chef! The one that brought George all those crab legs! Anyway, the video is gone now, but one of you intrepid WoWies have gotta be able to find a rogue copy somewhere out there in the tubes. Make me proud.

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It made it's way to TMZ and everything. The TV version of TMZ, too. I mean, it doesn't get any bigger.

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When I find the video I want a cut of the money you're not making off of the shrimp shirts.

Moises Alou is intrigued by this video and would like subscribe to Mr. Brett's newsletter.

Can still be found here.

Osi Umenyora has it posted on his blog.

Jiegel is a king among men.


give everyone else some credit too, i am but a king among princes at best

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