It's Good To Be On The Road Back Home: AL Home Field Battle

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With the Yankee Deathstar finally exploding yesterday (is that a correct metaphor? I don't like Star Wars.) some less glitzy, but still important playoff jockeying was overlooked. With the Tampa Bay sweep and the Angelschoking away a 4 run lead to the woeful Ms, there was a 1.5 game swing in the race for home field advantage.

The Angels still hold the American League's best record at 97-60, but instead of a three-game advantage over the Rays, their closest pursers, the edge is two games with five to play.

Think home-field advantage isn't important? The Angels went 1-5 in Tropicana Field this season, and the Rays have the best home record (57-24) in baseball. They are 38-38 on the road.

"It became our next goal after we made the playoffs," Manager Mike Scioscia said of home-field advantage. "And we're going to have to earn it."

We've already noted what a tough year it's been for teams on the road, and that's true in St. Pete more than anyplace else. In my opinion, travel and the wear and tear associated with it in the new Amphetamine prohibition era have more to do with road woes than any fan or ballpark advantages for the home team. That's something that can be mitigated with more leisurely playoff scheduling, so I'm interested to see if much of the home and away disparity goes away come postseason.

But just to be on the safe side, I'm sure the Angels would rather sing this than this.

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Real life baseball question:

Who's the home team in the second round if the WC is in and they have a better record than the division winner?

Division wiener always gets the goods. Wild Cards are for schoolgirls and housewives.

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That's what I thought. Thanks for link

You don't like Star Wars? How are your orphan-kicking and baby's candy snatching programs going you commie bastard?

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