Jason Giambi Uses Oldest Excuse In Book

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Jason Giambi came to the park yesterday looking like Rocky Balboa after 10 rounds with Drago. His right eye had a deep gash framed in grotesque purples and greens. You hate to see someone messed up like that, and "how'd it happen" is always the first question. So Jason, how'd it happen?

"I would like to have something to tell you, something like a fight or anything else," Giambi said. "But it was nothing like that. I walked into the bathroom door at the hotel and split it open."

The cut resembled a gash a boxer would get during a fight, but didn't keep Giambi out of the lineup.

"There was so much blood the maid probably was wondering where the body was hid," said Giambi

Sheesh. Other than "I fell down the stairs" is there a lamer coverup excuse? My first guess would have been that Giambi is getting punched in the face by his girlfriend, but this sounds like it was a pretty heavy blow. Something inflicted by someone with heft, and possibly some "augmented" strength. Anybody seen this guy lately?

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the maid probably was wondering where the body was hid

So he got into a fight an then killed his assailant? I got no problem with that.

Also, hidDEN.

Rob beat him up for losing the bet to CTC.

Rob beat him up for losing the bet to CTC.
Speaking of which, where's that picture?

Yeah, where's the picture, WELCHER?

Somewhere south of Brownsville, Texas, Karim Garcia is hopping a fence and heading north to get Giambi's back.

Rob's got more welch than thr grape juice people.

Still trying to get my hands on that elusive Sox hat!

+1 on the Garcia joke, Chief.

It was probably those dudes who beat him in beer pong. They thought about it and kicked his ass for celebrating a win over the Royals.


Or for hanging out with Joba.

A-Rod slapped him and his stylish fingernails gashed Giambi's face.

This never would have happened on the juice.

It's a kinder, gentler Giambi.

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