Jose Canseco Street Lined With Discarded Needles, Sleeves

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If losing his house to foreclosure or being named the Historical Creampuff wasn't shame enough for the former svelte slugger in 2008, then having his name removed from honorary street signs in Miami-Dade County will make Jose Canseco one sad fella.

The street runs ten blocks long through West Miami, past Coral Park High School, where Canseco attended but (duh, of course) didn't graduate.

So why does the county want to pull down the signs?

(County Commissioner Joe) Martinez said it wasn't the brawl in the bar on the beach. It wasn't the public dust-ups with his ex-wife. It wasn't even Canseco's prancing around in a leopard print Speedo on VH1's The Surreal Life.

It was the steroids, said Martinez, a former county cop.

Jose Canseco did steroids? Man, I hadn't heard anything about that. What a cad! Strike his name from street signs immediately! Note to other city/town/county/state gubmints: don't name streets after living people while they still have a chance to make you regret your decisions.

And yes, there really is a Jose Canseco Street. Judging from the photos from the street view feature on Google Maps, I've seen this neighborhood before, and perhaps you have too, on a little television show called Cops.

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You know you're on Jose Canseco Street when the traffic signals blink 80 times a minute.

They'd never do this to Esther Rolle.


I hear the street will change to McCain-Palin Court.

Or maybe Pregnant Chad Ave.

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