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luke.gifAnother Saturday and another legend passes. At least today's legend lived a long & glorious life. Hopefully people get to play some baseball today, Coach Dunlop would have wanted it that way.

When it's early: Just one early start today and it's a biggun. The Mets need to win both their remaining games to stay in Wild Card contention. Johan Santana is going on three days rest against Marlins quasi-ace Ricky Nolasco. No rational human would ever accuse Johan of not holding up his end of the bargain, but a loss today will be remember a lot longer than his total number of quality starts.

When it's Foxy: Fox plans on carpet bombing the nation with baseball coverage. Four games to choose from, with varying levels of importance. The Twins can't hope to do anything in the playoffs if they can't beat Gil Meche and the Royals. The Phillies can stage a champagne bukkake party right on their home field if they sneak by the mighty Nats. Depending on the Mets outcome, a Brewers win over the Cubs might lock up a spot in the playoffs for the first time since Prince Fielder was skinny. The Yankees and Red Sox play too. Dice K's looking for his 19th Win. I'll give you a dollar if he pitches past the 6th.

When it's pointless: Only the White Sox have anything left to play for tonight. They send the embattled Javy Vasquez against the traveled Zack Jackson. At least Ozzie has somebody set up to take the fall. Another chance to belittle Dontrelle Willis presents itself tonight. I take that back, he seems like a likable dude that forgot how to pitch. He won 22 games in 2005! Brandon Webb has 22 wins this year, and a chance to pick up his 23rd tonight. He would also guarantee the Snakes a winning record. Which has to count for something.

I sure these games aren't washed away. If they are, watch Cool Hand Luke twice. It's as good as movies get.

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Off to CBP to (hopefully) see the kids in red pinstripes clinch. Before the game, I'll drink in memory of Paul. After the game, it will be in memory of the Metropolitans.

watch Cool Hand Luke twice

Halfway there already.

I like it when Naked Gun beats him up then becomes friends with him.

Well, Francona already benched Jon Lester after five innings WITH A NO-HITTER GOING, so that dollar is relatively safe, I'd assume.

Johan Santana is pretty good.

Somehow the mets won.

Why did Sheets start today? He just gave up a GR-Double to Lilly in the second (with 2 outs) and a 2 run homer (with 2 outs) in the first.

Bush please.

Perhaps Dale caught wind of the Cubbies starting their AAA lineup. Fontenot is the only every day guy playing today.

Omar Minaya is currently drafting a strongly worded letter to Mr. Pinella.

Sheets is gone, 3 earned runs, 4 total, and two runners for him on base still.

Brewers batting, Bush should be in in the 4th now.

Biased national announcers make baby jesus cry.

How is Boof Bonser employed?

Why the hell did we fucking start sheets today?

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