Kill The Umpire- 1950

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This week's Classic TV Friday brings us the trailer for the 1950 William Bendix flick, Kill The Umpire. Bendix was a batboy for the Yankees in 20s and would later play The Babe in the The Babe Ruth Story, which I remember as a pretty lousy film even when I was 8. Pride Of The Yankees it was not.

This one actually looks pretty entertaining, though. Anyone seen it?

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I'd smash Una Merkel. Say word you wouldn't smash Una Merkel.

Kill the Umpire, starring Eric Gregg and an extra-large tub of cheese fries.

+1 Rob.

I wrote the screenplay to that one.

I thought Christian Bale was really good in 'Umpire of the Sun.'

Theodore Dreiser's controversial "Umpire" in 1921 was one of the seminal works in fiction until it was surpassed in 1955 by Alberto Moravia's "Guarded Call." Still, both were stunning works.

My brain hurts.

None of these films touch the one where Travis Bickle kills Fenster in a sauna and then gets shot while trying to throw a knife at Blade.

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