Korean Version of Mad TV Just As Irritating As American Version

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To me, nothing says hilarious quite like Korean variety shows doing skits at baseball games. But perhaps my sense of humor doesn't quite jive with yours; after all, I still can't stop laughing at this video. What a card!

Anyway, some comedy show in Korea showed up at a professional baseball game and what ensued wasn't exactly hilarity:

The "One night-two days" crew from the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) visited a Lotte Giants-Doosan Bears game, a duel for No. 2 spot, at Sajik Stadium in Busan Friday, and its cast performed during cleaning time, which usually takes about two or three minutes after the fifth inning.

However, the performance lasted 10 minutes and players who usually warm up during the short span had to stay in the dugouts.

The game was a scoreless tie after five innings. However, the Giants starting pitcher gave up the farm in the top of the sixth and the Bears starter did the same in the bottom of the inning. They claimed that the longer break between innings affected their rhythm and flow. I really have no sympathy for them. After all, visiting pitchers get this nonsense all the time after the seventh-inning stretch at Yankee Stadium, especially when they wheel out Ronan Tynan to yodel "God Bless America".

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a completely unrelated episode of "One Night Two Days":

(A palletful of Coca Colas to BBTF Primer)

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Hines Ward only made it halfway through the video.

That's a lotte giants.

In the background are all the people trying to leave the taping.

Add a couple dozen smoking hot starlets and you'd have a 38% less irritating version of Entourage.

I don't even want to think about what became of that poor dog.

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