Late Start

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It's playoff week. We've got all kinds of treats lined up for these next couple weeks, and we'll hit the ground running in an hour or so. We've got previews, recaps and possibly even some homemade moonshine that I distilled in the tank of my toilet. To tide you over for the next 60, here's a picture taken IN PERSON of last night's final regular season walkoff walk. Esteemed friend of WoW, Tuffy , was there and sends along this picture postcard.

last wow.jpg

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Nice work. Any chance the stadium piped in Yakety Sax shortly after this was taken?

Prison ain't so bad. You can make sangria in the turlet. Course, it's shank or be shanked.

plz to glog the game today

A make-up monday glog would be fantastic.

I've already got my Emergency Monday Afternoon Liveglog Blazer on. I got it at the Salvation Army for $3.99 the other day.

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