Local Foodstuffs: The Only True Way To Decide Playoff Matchups

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Throw out the pitching rotations, the lineup permutations, the season records, and the opinions of fanboys. The only way to figure out who is going to win in the playoffs is gambling with local foodstuffs:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced a bet with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for the divisional baseball playoff series that starts Wednesday. Barrett is putting Usinger sausages on the line against Philadelphia's famous cheese steaks.

That's an easy one, but what about the other mayors of the other towns that will be hosting playoff baseball? There's only one way to answer that question in the sportsblogosphere: a listicle with totally made-up information!

What'd I miss?

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The past 2 years the Mets prepared some empenadas to offer up, but when they went to sample the first batch they choked.

I'm positive that someone named Mumbles Menino does not have mob ties.

Shouldn't the guy named Pringle be giving away potato crisps?

In-N-Out should be everybody's favorite burger, not just baseball's.

Palehose, thank you for calling them their proper name. I saw on that Mark Summers show that Pringles are most cetainly not chips.

It's not New Hope, but Philly should've offered a pork-roll, egg and cheese--if you please--on a kaiser bun.

I'll just have a salad.

When I moved from North jersey to South Jersey, I got a whole lot of confused glances when I ordered Taylor Ham. Oh, right, heaven forbid I don't directly name the meat when ordering. Yokels.

That said, the BBWA name In-N-Out the 2008 MVQSR, and Bill James said is has like a 180 VORFF.

I hear Chicago has offered chilly-willys to Minnesota if they forfeit.

Best pork sandwhich, evar:


I might just go get one now.

How bout: a nice, greazy pork sandwich served on a dirty ashtray?

If Montreal still had a team, they'd put up some foie gras poutine from Au Pied de Cochon.

If Milwaukee wins, they should demand some actual cheese (not spelled with a "z") on their sandwiches just to piss off everyone in Philadelphia.

Mayor Nutter? roffles

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