Los Angeles Dodgers Playoff Preview: Troy from West Virginia

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To mark the momentous occasion that is the 2008 Playoffs we asked a couple of esteemed guest writers to talk about their favorite team's chances this postseason. Famed Joe Beimel fan Troy from West Virginia puts together a ten-minute video opus reviewing the Dodgers playoff roster and being generally awesome:

Thanks, Troy.

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Goddamnit Troy, thank you for making our website that much better.

Post of the year.

The other teams have no chance. Troy's Yoda-esque walking stick will guide the Dodgers out of Dagoba and into the World Series. It is the will of the Force.

What, no comment about Andruw "Piece of Shit" Jones?

My next presentation I'm bringing a stick.

Most excellent Troy, and I don't even like the Dodgers.

I love how he points at the players' photos with a fucking TWIG.

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