Mariners Front Office Considers Adopting 20th Century Hiring Practices

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Rosie.jpgIn bold defiance of baseball cronyism 101, the Seattle Mariners are openly considering Dodgers Assistant GM and proud uterine owner Kim Ng for their vacant General Manager's position. Mariners president Chuck Armstrong examined his teams $100 million dollar payroll and 100 loss season and decided he wasn't on the right track:

"It's time for some fresh thinking," Armstrong said at the end of his 23rd season with the team -- what he called his worst and most "miserable" one.

"We're color blind, gender blind," he went on to say. "We just want the best person that we think would be the best person for the Mariners as we move forward."

This Kim Ng character sounds like another Title IX charity case to me. Baseball America named her a GM prospect in their "Top Tools" issue? Big deal. Working for two of the higest profile, successful, & most storied franchises in baseball in her 17 years in the game, one of which was named Organization of The Year under her tenure while the other reached the World Series 4 times under her watch? Pfft. Isn't there a a colourful ex-player available? You know, the kind of guy that actually played them game. Hopefully a guy that barely graduated high school before moving directly into the minor league system. If you can't find one of them, how about a chili dogs and diet Coke scout? Those guys always come to a situation with a clear mind and the determination to wipe the slate clean.

We all know the obvious thing Kim Ng can do to bolster her meager case: shoot a moose in the face.

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Television in Montreal is incroyable. Just popped back to the hotel for a schvitz and the tee-vee had the end of the Mets game and the start of the Twins game.


(Dirty) Late night chinese food at le Maison VIP! Montreal PLV!

And she lives in Silver Lake which means not only is she a woman, she's also a hipster.



Matt Millen is available.

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