Massive Ned Yost Job Security Update: He's Fired!

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Holy crap Ned Yost was fired!

    Third-base coach Dale Sveum will become interim manager for the remainder of the season.

Holy crap Dale Sveum is going to try and get the Brewers into the playoffs! I realize the Brewers were on the skids in September but this is crazytown, USA. But hey, I knew this rumor would come true eventually. Holy crap!

UPDATE #1: Brewers Blog is getting absolutely hammered by Milwaukeeans and baseball bloggers alike seeking out some information. Tom Haudricourt must be losing his mind right now because he posted two items with similar titles just one minute apart: "Firing probably came from the top" and "This probably came from the top. Tom, do you think this firing came from the top?

UPDATE #2: The purveyors of this clever website are probably rejoicing at the news.

UPDATE #3: Don't count the Brewers out, folks. Replacing a manager in the middle of the season will typically bring the team a temporary bounce, and might push the Brewers to win a couple more games. I have zero statistical evidence to back this up. I am just making this up. Don't believe a word I say. Ever.

UPDATE #4: Does Yost have to come to Miller Park and clean out his office today? If so, maybe he can catch the end of the Cubs-Astros game, where Ted Lilly is no-hitting the Astros through five and one-third six innings.

UPDATE #5: Screw the Yostliveglogging, the Brewers home scorer just awarded an error to Aramis Ramirez on a play that most likely would have been ruled a hit if Ted Lilly weren't twirling a no-no.

UPDATE #6: Ted Lilly gives up a base hit to Mark Loretta, ending a FIFTEEN inning hitless streak for the Astros.

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We Cubs fans are just happy he didn't get the ax earlier in the year.

Also: the Astros may never get a hit again. ((I know I just jinxed it.))

Someone check kwsn's pulse.

The Brewers fired him too.

Dale Sveum played for the Yankees so this just might work.

Brewers Blog is getting absolutely hammered by Milwaukeeans and baseball bloggers alike seeking out some information.

Shoulda fired him last night at 3 a.m.

Brewers Blog is getting absolutely hammered, eh? Isn't that just called Monday afternoon in Milwaukee?

Even with the ship sinking, I am the happiest man in the world. Later shitdick.

Commence Sveum punning... NOW!

1. Brewers will have to Sveum against the current to make the playoffs.
2. "It's just that demon life has got me in its Sveum."

Ned Yost hasn't been managing the Brewers for months now. That's why he got fired. I see no change coming.

The implosion will not be televised.

If you can't beat 'em, Sveum.


Rob and CTC, put your pens down. Somebody already wrote Tonight's Questions.

Come on and Sveum, Sveum, Sveuma Sveum
We're gonna, Sveuma, Sveuma, Sveuma Sveum
Come on give it a try
We're gonna show you just why
We're gonna teach you to fly high

Can the Brewers fire Romeo Crennel as well?

@Honeynut, I'm fine. Long overdue. Yes the brewers have had their best season in ages, but it seems like Yost's comments after the "one hitter" by CC seemed to have something to do with it. Somehow I just had a feeling that something like that would happen after those comments.

Oh, and Dale is a risk taker, and very agressive at sending runners home. Hopefully this will work out.

Doug Melvin is aggressive at sending managers home so Sveum better hope it works out.

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