Mets Get Bored With Underperforming in Baseball, Seek to Underperform in Soccer

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The Mets are getting tired of punting season after season in baseball, so they've decided to invest some cash in punting soccer balls. (Now that's a hacky sportsblog lede). The MLS wants to expand to 18 teams and they've always wanted to add a second New York/New Jersey team, so why not Queens? The Mets have the money, so why not blow it all on a soccer team? It's kismet!

The Mets would most likely build another new stadium for the soccer team, where they would also host other events, like concerts or Grito de Dolores parties. Cash money!

Here's the club's executive vice president of spending money on things other than overpriced relief pitchers, David Howard, in an interview with Bloomberg News:

"Our vision is not to be just a successful baseball team, but to be a world-class sports and media entertainment company. We're a lot closer to that goal than we were five years ago. We're not resting. Before even Citi Field is completed, we're looking to see what might be next for us. There's a lot of opportunity and potential."

There is also a ton of opportunity and potential in something called a 'farm system', Mets guy. How about reinvesting that cash in rebuilding the team from the ground floor, since they gave up all that talent for Johan Santana? Leave the soccer for the teams who really have zero financial interest in running a baseball team.

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+1, Pale Ho.

Why don't you talk more about the cubs winning???//?

Sabado Gigante!

I like soccer. And Dolores.

Teams who really have zero financial interest in running a baseball team.

The Topeka Socialists of the Independent League?

Man, BC really hates the Cubs.

Sabado Gigante is an overwhelming delight. I seriously think that show runs six hours.

As long as they honor the San Patricio Brigade we're cool.

Billy Wagner might be better at a sport in which he can't use his hands.

@The Kid
No just Grunter

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