Mickey Mantle & Whitey Ford on The Dick Cavett Show - 1970

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Today's classic TV post takes us back to the halcyon days of 1970, when a dude high on hallucinogenics could simply meander out of Dick Cavett's audience to shake Mickey Mantle's hand in the middle of an interview. Also appearing as guests with the Commerce Comet: the Chairman of the Board Whitey Ford and the world's shortest folk rocker Paul Simon. Please to enjoy:

There are two other parts to this show; you can see them at Kliph Nesteroff's Classic Television Showbiz blog. It's just Paul Simon blathering on about how much he hates Art Garfunkel, so don't get too excited.

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"Baseball is great and it's always going to be great."

Mickey Mantle was cool as shit.

Combined BAC of the three? - over or under .6?

Dick Cavett is a huge stoner, must have been one hell of a green room.

Is Paul Simon a hobbit? I was unaware.

Thomas Jane looked different in 1970.

He's a hobbit you can call Al.

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