Montreal Is Doing Quite Well Without Baseball, Thankyouverymuch

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So I did what any normal baseball blogger would do on the final weekend of the regular season, just as the final playoff matchups were getting set and walkoff walks were going down: I went to Montreal. Yes, just as the Mets were falling face-first into their frittatas I went to a place that Major League Baseball disgracefully disowned four years ago in favor of this place.

But despite the absence of Youppi, Montreal folks still enjoy their baseball. My girlfriend and I popped back into our hotel room on Saturday just in time to catch the end of Johan Santana's gem to keep the Mets alive followed by both the beginning of the Phillies' win over the Nats and the Twins heartbreaking loss to the Royals. Three baseball games on a Saturday afternoon? It must be great to have no broadcast obligations to local teams!

True, Olympic Stadium still stands empty and talk about a minor league team coming to Montreal can't even make it out of the message board phase, but baseball fans still live in Montreal. Heck, bring a Major League team back via expansion and they'd still draw 2 million fans.

Other evidence that baseball is still alive in Montreal: I saw a guy wearing an Expos t-shirt on the Metro. What more do you need?

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A New Yorker visiting Canada? How does it feel to be the smartest guy in a country, Rob?

Was he wearing the shirt ironically?

He may have been a Canadian hipster.

I'm from Jersey. Does that still count?

Expos deez nutz!

Dispose the Expos!

oh, that already happened.

Don't be fooled Rob. Baseball seemed alive in Montreal because the NHL season hasn't started yet.

Also, now I'm hungry for frittata.

/wondering if the non-Dagos here know what frittata is

@UU: Greek here. Close enough?

'frittata' sounds kinda sexy

@phillas, close enough for me.

I know what frittata is because I watch Giada make it.

And I want some.

Giada that is.

No joke, people always say my fiance looks like her. I didn't know who that was until my Boss kept calling her Giada

you are a lucky man bc twins fan.

You didn't answer the question that's really on everyone's minds though:

DID YOU or did you not go to SuperSexxx?

Was he wearing the shirt ironically?
He may have been a Canadian hipster.

That is the Canadian hipster move. Top it off with a retro Jays hat.

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