Natural Music: Today's Afternoon Games

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liveglog.jpgHey kids. Don't forget to join DJ Robbie I today at 3 for your Thursday Afternoon Liveglog Mashup. The Street Team implores you.

  • 12:35, Dodgers at Pirates: The Pirates put up 15 runs last night, which probably means they'll be all tuckered out for the rest of the regular season. The Dodgers' magic number remains at 8 with 10 games left. They'll trot out Clayton Kershaw, a guy who's had one of the most interesting season's around. Guy came out of spring with more hype than The Black Kids and at times he's looked as mediocre as them. He takes on Sad Paul Maholm.

  • 2:20, Brewers at Cubs: Rubber at Wrigley. For as bad as the past few weeks have been for Milwaukee, they're still only a half game out in the Wild Card. If they can avoid being mowed down by Rich Harden. Dave Bush takes the mound for the Brewers. I'm still not making a Harden/Bush joke no matter how much you whine about it.

  • 3:35 Angels at Oakland: The Angels infield is baaaaanged up. Add Chone Figgins to the questionable Howie Kendrick and IT'S A VERITABLE MASH UNIT. Joe Saunders, who goes for Anaheim, has been regressing to the mean. The Angels are 3-3 in his last 6 starts as his ERA has risen half a run. The A's send Josh "Dammit, He Was" Outman to the hill.

  • 2:10, Mariners at Royals:

  • mooning-gnome.jpg

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You know, you should use that picture of the gnome for Twins games from now on. It looks just like Ron Gardenhire.

Nah. Gardy has a bunch of hairy moles on his ass

Paul Maholm's older brother told him that if he smiled in his team photo, he'd totally beat him up for being gay.

A bush joke would be better suited for the 80s, back when they actually existed.

A Harden joke would be better suited for my teens, when I actually got hard

Just to clarify. I was joking about that last comment. I still have the ability to get an erection

The Harden Collider is going to create a blackhole which will kill us all right as the Cubs are about to win the World Series.

But will they be playing against Higgs Boston?


Thank god. We were all worried about that. Especially Rob.

I can't believe FutureMrs didn't take the MASH bait.

BC Twins Fan needs some boner jamz.

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