"Nicely Done, Salomon"

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Brewers fans are certainly savoring their first postseason appearance in 26 years. 14,188 people turned out for a team sendoff at the Summerfest grounds, right there on the lake. What is usually home to snoozy crap like Brett Michaels or the BoDeans came alive when WoW favorite Salomon Torres strutted up to the mic in a robin's egg blue suit and grabbed the crowd like a sausage. Please to enjoy.

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CTC is just jealous of BoDeans' enormous success with their enormously successful new album.

Where's Yost? And didn't the BoDeans sing the theme song to "Party of 5".

That powder blue suit takes me back to CTC's prom.

@UU - They did, indeed.

Thanks ILPHAPH, now I hate my-self a little more for remembering that.

And Sheets is not on the Brewers roster.

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