Phillies Fans Lose Prestigious "Poorest Sportsmen" Award

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yankeestadiumsecurity.jpgThings haven't been so great for fans of the New York Yankees this year. Wide ranging injuries have depleted their starting rotation, knocked their starting catcher out for the year and sidelined numerous everyday contributors. The team is in fourth place and losing ground in their division to the Rays and Blue Jays. Yankee fans have had enough and they're going to let you know about player leaving the field due to injury:
Oft-injured Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano was booed off the mound when he left Sunday's start against Tampa Bay in the sixth inning after a visit by the trainer and manager Joe Girardi
That's right Phillies fans, you're off the hook. The same people that booed the Earth's Yellow Sun earlier this year decided to take it to an entirely new level. In an effort to appease the Bronx Zoo before the end of the season, Carl Pavano plans to dive face-first into the stands for a foul pop up.

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Please eat a dick Brewers. Eat a dick. Fucking assholes. YOU ARE ASSHOLES! Shitheads. Cunts. SOPPING CUNTS! Die!

//heart breaks

Great Lloyd, now A Phillies fan is going to kill one of their own players just to get the title back.

Pavano has started only 24 games for the Yankees since signing a four-year, $39.95 million contract before the 2005 season. The right-hander, who went 18-8 with Florida in 2004, was 7-7 with a 4.85 ERA in his first 23 starts with New York.


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