Please Don't Go Baseball

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parking.jpgThe final day of the year! Worst day ever?

Games that matter: CC Sabathia will try to vault the Brewers into the post season on short rest against the Baby Bears, who send the starters out today. Strongly Worded Letter received! The hopes and dreams of the Mets rest on Oliver Perez's shoulders when he takes on Scott Olsen. Who else but Mark Buehrle leads the White Sox against the Tribe. Cliff Lee has been scratched from his start due to a stiff neck, a common symptom of acute vaginitis. The Indians send Bryan Bullington to the mound and while the rest of the rotation follows Lee to the bathroom. The Twins send Scott Baker against Brandon Duckworth in Minnesota with clinching on his mind.

Games the don't: Dice K is all that stands between Mike Mussina and 20 wins. I suddenly wish Dice K was taller. Tim Lincecum will remind Giants fans to renew their season tickets against the Dodgers. Kyle Kendrick better have his fun today, because he won't be around for the playoffs. Joe Saunders hopes to get some conditioning in so Angels don't have to use Jon Garland as a starter in the first round. Announcing you aren't good enough to start a post season game makes you agent really happy as you head into free agency. Will Tim Wakefield and Randy Johnston be on the field for the last time today? Old men are notoriously fickle.

I'm officially excited for the playoffs now. Many wacky scenarios are still out there, so there may be all sorts of make up baseball. If you cheer for a shitty team like me, spend today saying your good byes before leaping onto a speeding bandwagon on Wednesday. Remember the Rayvolution is inclusive. You'll be loved.

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This Cliff Lee scratch smells super duper fishy. I hear lemon juice helps.


Make up baseball, pick the scab of excitement!

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