Rob Iracane Never Welches on Bets

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Hey, remember back in August when Camp Tiger Claw and I bet on the outcome of the final Red Sox/Yankees series in The Stadium? Yeah, me too. Here ya go, jerkfaces:


Sorry it took so long to take this picture, but you have to understand how difficult it is to find a Red Sox hat in this area. After searching high and low throughout Northern NJ and Connecticut, we ended up at the Modells in Stamford where they had an enormous floor display full of Red Sox memorabilia. Trouble was, all the hats were behind the long checkout counter at the front of the store. Imagine how embarrassed I was to ask to try on one of the hats only to whip out that awful sign and have my girlfriend snap a photo. So, uh, go Red Sox, I guess.

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Thank you. Thank you very much. Lloyd's next.

Life is good...

Damn, this was the only post I got to boycott.

S that idiot behind you wearing a sleeveless shirt?

And did he drop an ice cube down his pants?

That's a sad little sign.

You don't look like you're suffering too much there.

Okay, Rob, sorry for calling you a welscher. You're solid.

Oh, and Rob has a girlfriend? what is this?

Good on you for not purchasing the damned thing. That would have been another 25 bucks towards the Nation signing Clement........uh I mean Burnett this offseason.

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