Scott Boras Pisses Off Everyone, Picks Up a Sweet $30K

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After filing what was perceived to be the grievance to end all grievances related to the MLB Amateur Draft, Scott Boras merely pocketed his agent's share of an extra $300,000 signing bonus for his client Pedro Alvarez and proceeded to piss off at least two baseball teams, countless fans, and one sad little boy named Eric Hosmer. The Pirates and Alvarez got together behind closed doors and worked out a new contract that appeased Herr Boras, granting Alvarez the highest signing bonus among drafted players and giving the kid an option year somewhere down the line.

Also, he's put right onto the 40 man roster which will prevent the Pirates from, you know, actually grooming him to become a big-leaguer in low-A ball.

It was not immediately clear which side instigated the new talks, when they began or whether they occurred with the blessing of Major League Baseball and its players' union. But one source indicated that a signed contract between the Pirates and Alvarez likely will quash a related grievance filed by the union against commissioner Bud Selig's office, offering a sign that all concerned have been duly informed of this development.

That grievance, filed Aug. 27, alleged that MLB violated its labor pact with the union by approving the verbal agreement reached between the Pirates and Alvarez minutes after the midnight Aug. 15 deadline.

No telling whether or not the Players Union will pull their grievance now, mostly because Boras dragged Eric Hosmer's contract with the Royals into this whole mess. Technically, this whole nonsense could change the way Bud Selig and the baseball owners control the Amateur Draft. If they are willing to bend deadlines, who is to say what other nefarious deeds they might do in order to keep signing bonuses down among recent high school and college graduates?

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30 large or 300 large?

Scott Boras pays the person who wipes his ass for him more than 30K.

If only the terrorist could blow up a building that held a Scott Boras and Bud Selig meeting.

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